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A Career in Horticulture

Horticulture is a huge industry with diverse job opportunities in the commercial or environmental sectors as well as in research and journalism.

The horticultural industry embraces everything that involves growing plants; from gardening and landscaping to vegetable and fruit production. The best way to guarantee long term career success may be to ensure your initial training is broad-based, and you have the capacity to move with relative ease from one industry sector to another as demand shifts.

Demand for Horticulturalists in the UK  and abroad is on the rise. This is due in part to the increase in horticultural production worldwide and also, as older and vastly experienced horticulturists retire, thus creating vacancies that need to be filled. In order to meet this demand, those that have completed a horticultural course through ADL are able to benefit from the many opportunities to work in the various fields of:

  • gardening 
    garden design
    grounds management 
    plant protection 
    plant pathology 
    flower production
    soil management

    and many more…

In addition, an increasing number of horticultural jobs are becoming linked to public contracts, so it is essential for businesses to show that their employees can meet the criteria by obtaining formal qualifications, such as Diplomas, Higher Advanced Diplomas and the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) qualifications.

So a career in Horticulture is both fulfilling and rewarding, allowing the opportunity to contribute to the quality of life both at home and abroad.

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