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Appreciating Gardening

Why is it that youngsters today grow up enjoying (and taking for granted) the good things in life, but not caring, or knowing, where much of this bounty actually comes from.
The fruit and veg that fill our grocers’ and supermarkets are simply buyable consumerables to a child or teenager – not produce that has been grown from a seed.

In fact in contemporary society there appears to be, among our younger generations, a distinct lack of interest in, or awareness of, the beauty and purpose of nature.

Our national curriculum may look at the subject of nature in a dispassionate, clinical way, in classes such as Biology and sometimes Art, with the odd ‘still life’ assignment.
But where is there time and space for a real appreciation of nature?  Why can’t there be a slot in the busy school day for a gentle walk and a guiding hand to help pupils contemplate the beauty of the creation around us…

It is little wonder, then, that we can often grow up detached from our earthy roots and connections and loose sight of the real value of life on our planet.  But there is no excuse for such horticultural apathy and ignorance, with the availability of our courses.

The subjects cover every imaginable interest – from crops (eg. flowers/vegetables/fruit/nut production), plant varieties and trees, to herbs, home gardening, landscaping, nursery and propagation and much, much more.  And there are good, stable careers to be had in the horticultural world.

Ever considered working in one of the many notable gardens England has to offer?
Or training as a garden designer?  Or growing organic vegetables commercially?
Or running your own nursery?  The possibilities are multiple – and we can provide you with the knowledge and know-how you need to get going.

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