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Course Title: Higher Advanced Diploma In Horticulture (Nursery) VHT009

Higher Advanced Diploma In Horticulture (Nursery) VHT009

Horticulture Course
Price:£4080 Qualification: Higher Advanced Diploma

Higher Advanced Diploma in Horticulture Do you work in a nursery or want to develop a career in one in a managerial position? Then this course is the best for you. This course has been specifically designed to provide excellent and applied training for people wishing to work in nurseries at a technician or management level; in positions such as nursery managers, technical representatives or consultants.

Course Structure for Higher Advanced Diploma In Horticulture (Nursery) VHT009

Core Modules

  • Biochemistry – Plants BSC102
  • Computer Studies I BIT100
  • Instructional Skills BWR109
  • Business Studies BBS101
  • Workplace Health & Safety VBS103

Electives Modules (Choose 5)

  • Recreation Leadership VRE100 (VRE100)
  • Horticultural Marketing BHT304
  • Botany I – Plant Physiology And Taxonomy BSC104
  • Horticulture I BHT101
  • Horticulture II BHT102
  • Event Management BRE209
  • Soil Management – Horticulture BHT105
  • Plant Protection BHT207
  • Arboriculture I BHT106
  • Landscaping I BHT109
  • Landscaping II BHT214
  • Landscape Construction BHT111
  • Propagation I BHT108
  • Irrigation – Crops BHT30

Normal Price: £4080 Buy Today – Get 25% Off: £3060
Qualification: Higher Advanced Diploma
Estimated Course Duration: 1200 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£60) and Correspondence (+£420)
Enrolment Dates: Our courses are self-paced and you can start at anytime

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