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Course Title: Managing Notable Gardens BHT340

Managing Notable Gardens BHT340

Horticulture Course
Price:£340 Qualification: Certificate

Learn to manage significant landscapes and gardens of note. This course will: ·Discuss appropriate management strategies to ensure the long term survival of plants and garden features. · Identify and evaluate sources of funding and associated issues. · Identify and discuss the issues concerned with the presentation of a site to visitors.

Course Structure for Managing Notable Gardens BHT340

  • Consult Public and Interested Parties, Statutory and Non-Statutory Consultees
  • Role of Public and Other Sources of Funding; and Implications of grant aid Criteria
  • Role and Formulation of Conservation Management Plans;
    • Researching gardens and designed landscapes and the verification and analysis of information using: a) Documentary and other forms of archive information. b) Site surveys and archaeological investigations
  • Planning for Renewal of Plant Features
    • Plant surveys, propagation programs, replanting strategies, role of national collections of plants, specialist nurseries
  • Developing New Features within Existing Landscapes
  • Programming Repair of New and Existing Hard Landscape Features
  • Creating New Gardens and Landscapes
  • Identifying Required Staff Skills
    • Training schemes, conservation of skills; use of volunteer labour and associated issues of management and training
  • Adapt historic gardens and Designed Landscapes for Modern Use
  • Presenting historic gardens and designed landscapes – marketing, PR, visitor facilities, access, circulation, interpretation, visitor survey.Managing wear and tear on historic gardens and designed landscapes – theft, vandalism. Managing legislative requirements (eg. health and safety, equal access)

Aims for Managing Notable Gardens BHT340

  • Examine how conservation management plans for designed landscapes are formulated and how the information gathered is evaluated and verified
  • Examine and explain the role of public and interested parties, statutory and non-statutory consultees
  • Examine the role of public funding; evaluate other sources of funding; discuss the implications of grant aid criteria
  • Explain issues and procedures associated with the renewal of plant features
  • Develop and outline strategies for creating new features within existing landscapes
  • Describe the processes involved in creating new gardens or landscapes
  • Manage wear and tear on historic gardens and designed landscapes
  • Determine appropriate work programs for repair and maintenance of hard landscape features
  • Identify and outline staffing management and training issues, determine labour skill sets requirements

Price: £340
Qualification: Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 100 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£5) and Correspondence (+£35)
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