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Course Title: Lavender BHT228

Lavender BHT228

Horticulture Course
Price:£325 Qualification: Certificate

Become an expert in growing lavender! Lavender has been a popular cultivated plant for many centuries and is perhaps the most common, and certainly one of the most versatile herbs you could ever consider growing. It can be grown as a shrub, a tub plant or a hedge; keep it cut low or let it grow over a metre tall. The flowers and leaves can be used for medicinal, craft, cosmetic and even culinary purposes, making it a profitable commodity world-wide.

Course Structure for Lavender BHT228

  1. Introduction: Classification and identification of lavender, general characteristics of the group, contacts (ie: nurseries, seed, clubs, etc.)
  2. Soils, Fertilisers and Nutrition for Lavender: Soil structure, pH, organic matter, ameliorants and organic growing
  3. Cultural Techniques for Lavender Growing: Pruning, water management (mulching, irrigation, drainage, etc.), planting and establishment methods, crop scheduling, no dig gardening
  4. Lavender Propagation: Propagation from cuttings, propagation growth media, other propagation methods
  5. Commercial Alternatives: Managing a Market Garden, standards, mulches, problems and their control, weed control without chemicals, economic outlook for herbs
  6. Plant Variety Selection and Breeding: Breeding and selecting new varieties, lavender clone selection for essential oils in Tasmania
  7. Building Plant Knowledge: Lavender types and other varieties, advantages and disadvantages of different varieties
  8. Harvesting, Postharvest Treatment and Storage: Harvesting, distillation and oils, post harvest preservation of fresh herbs, drying lavender
  9. Processing and Making Lavender Products: Lavender crafts, using herbs in cooking, selling herb products
  10. Marketing Lavender Produce: how to market your produce, considering your market, market research, selling successfully

Aims of  Lavender BHT228

  1. Describe the plant naming system and classification of plants
  2. Discuss the nature and scope of the Lavender genus
  3. Describe the nutritional requirements of the lavender species
  4. Explain the cultural requirements of the lavender species
  5. Explain propagating techniques specific to lavender
  6. Describe commercial lavender growing operations
  7. Select species appropriate to the climatic and soil conditions of a chosen locality
  8. Describe of a variety of lavender species and cultivars
  9. Describe the production processes on a lavender farm
  10. Describe various lavender products and discuss the way in which they are processed
  11. Explain the processes used in the marketing of lavender products

Price: £340
Qualification: Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 100 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£5) and Correspondence (+£35)
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