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Course Title: Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens BHT243

Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens BHT243

Horticulture Course
Price:£325 Qualification: Certificate

Learn to renovate established gardens successfully. Learn to survey, analyse and plan sensitive and appropriate renovation of established gardens, generally of 2 hectares or less in size. This module has been developed and accredited in the UK as an elective in the RHS Diploma in Horticulture. It assumes a foundation knowledge of landscape and horticultural management. It is a valuable study program for even those who have worked in landscaping for some time.

Course Structure for Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens BHT243

  1. Landscape History & Design Styles
  2. Surveying the Site
  3. Assessment of Plantings and Features
  4. Selecting Components for Retention
  5. Work Programming and Risk Management
  6. Drainage
  7. Hard Landscape Feature Restoration
  8. Planting Restoration and Maintenance

Aims of Restoring Established Ornamental Gardens BHT243

  • Outline the history of UK garden design and the influence of plant introductions
  • Evaluate an established ornamental garden in order to determine any particular design style period, or plants of interest
  • Describe basic methods for the survey and recording of the layout and content of an established garden, and explain the importance of detailed information including assessment of site factors
  • Explain processes and the need for assessment and recording of the type, condition and future potential of a range of plantings and features in an ornamental garden
  • Explain the main criteria used to select plantings and features for retention in a restored garden
  • Explain the need and processes of analysis of collected information
  • Prepare a summarised programme for organisation of garden restoration work
  • Assess risk and identify safe work practices
  • Recognise and explain the visible signs of the failure of old land drainage systems and describe remedial measures
  • Describe and explain the practical procedures necessary for the restoration of a range of hard landscape features
  • Explain problems which may be encountered in the improvement of retained hedges, plantings and lawns
  • Describe practical solutions for improving retained hedges, plantings and lawns
  • Evaluate the use of modern maintenance techniques in established gardens

Price: £340
Qualification: Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 100 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+5) and Correspondence (+£35)
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