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Course Title: Diploma in Horticulture (Plant Propagation) VHT002.PRP

Diploma in Horticulture (Plant Propagation) VHT002.PRP

Horticulture Course
Price:£2040 Qualification: Diploma

Plant Propagation- Become and Expert! A 600 hour course designed principally for plant propagators. This course is similar to other VHT002 horticulture certificates in its introductory (core) units, but devotes 50% of the course to topics specifically related to plant propagation, dealing with hundreds of different. types of plants, and methods used to propagate them. Accredited through the International Accreditation & Recognition Council.

Course Structure for Diploma in Horticulture VHT002.prp

Compulsory Modules

Introduction to Plants

  • Nomenclature and taxonomy, the plant kingdom, genus, species, hybrids.

Parts of the Plant

  • How plants grow, plant structure, parts of the flower and leaf, stem & root modification.

Plant Culture – Planting

  • How to plant and protect newly planted specimens, terms like: annuals, biennials, perennials, deciduous, evergreen and herbaceous plants.

Plant Culture – Pruning

  • Purpose for pruning, rules for pruning, how to prune.

Plant Culture – Irrigation and Machinery

  • Different irrigation systems, components of an irrigation system, designing an irrigation system, selection, use and maintenance of machinery and tools.

Soils & Media

  • Soil classifications, testing soil, potting mixes, the U.C. System, ingredients of potting mixes.

Soils & Nutrition

  • Fertilisers – deficiencies and toxicities, NPK ratios, salting, fertiliser programming, compost.

Propagation – Seeds & Cuttings

  • How to propagate plants by seed and cuttings, propagating mixes, cold frame construction, after care for young plants.

Propagation – Other Techniques

  • Other methods – budding, grafting, layering, division and tissue culture.

Identification and Use of Plants

  • How are plants used in the landscape, how to choose and purchase plants, selecting plants suitable for the climate and site.

Identification and Use of Plants

  • Problems with plants and choosing plants for problem sites.

Identification and Use of Plants

  • Indoor and tropical plants, flowers, herbs, bulbs, ferns.


  • Identifying and controlling pests, chemical and natural methods for control, chemical
  • Safety precautions.


  • Identifying and controlling diseases, plant pathology, fungi, viruses, non-pathogenic
  • Problems, interactions with the host and the environment.


  • Identifying and controlling weeds, chemical terminology.

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Qualification: Diploma
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