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Course Title: Eucalypts VHT117

Eucalypts VHT117

Horticulture Course
Price:£325 Qualification: Certificate

Become an expert in Eucalyptus! Learn about Eucalyptus: their identification, culture (propagation, soils, landscape uses, feeding), and uses. Throughout the course you build both a knowledge of the group as a whole, and of the range of species you can identify. Eucalypts are today widely grown throughout the world, despite the fact that they are predominantly an Australian native plant (Note: There are only a small number of species which occur naturally outside of Australia). In many countries Eucalypts are used extensively as a forest tree, for land rehabilitation or even as an ornamental plant. There are more than five hundred different species of Eucalypts, varying from relatively low shrubby plants to massive tall trees

Course Structure for Eucalypts VHT117

  1. Introduction
    • Review of the system of plant identification, general characteristics of the group, information contacts (ie: nurseries, seed, clubs etc.)
  2. Culture
    • Planting, staking, mulching, watering, pest & disease, feeding, pruning, protection from wind, salt air, etc
  3. Propagation
    • Methods of propagating this group of plants
  4. The most commonly grown varieties
  5. Other important groups
  6. Lesser grown varieties
  7. Making the best use of Eucalypts
  8. Special Assignment. On one selected plant or group

Aims of Eucalypts VHT117

  • Describe the classification of Eucalypts
  • Discuss general cultural requirements for growing Eucalypts
  • Propagate Eucalypts
  • Differentiate between identifiable characteristics and cultural requirements in a number of commonly cultivated Eucalypts
  • Discuss characteristics of a wider range of Eucalypt species
  • Describe commercial uses for a range of different Eucalyptus species
  • Plan the establishment of a collection of different cultivars of Eucalypts (eg. Gums, Mallees, Tall Trees, Short Trees, Dryland Species),suited to growing in a specified locality

Price: £340
Qualification: Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 100 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£5) and Correspondence (+£35)
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