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Course Title: Trees For Rehabilitation (Landcare Reafforestation) BHT205.TR

Trees For Rehabilitation (Landcare Reafforestation) BHT205.TR

Horticulture Course
Price:£325 Qualification: Certificate

A horticulture course designed for people working or wishing to work with environmental rehabilitation and contaminated sites recovery. This course develops an understanding of environmental systems and the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes. You learn about seed collection, storage and germination, propagation, plant selection, establishment techniques, controlling pest & disease after planting

Course Structure for Trees For Rehabilitation (Landcare Reafforestation) BHT205.TR

  • Approaches To Land Rehabilitation
  • Ecology Of Soils And Plant Health
  • Introduction To Seed Propagation Techniques
  • Propagation And Nursery Stock.
  • Dealing With Chemical Problems
  • Physical Plant Effects On Degraded Sites
  • Plant Establishment Programs
  • Hostile Environments
  • Plant Establishment Care
  • Rehabilitating Degraded Sites

Aims for Trees For Rehabilitation (Landcare Reafforestation) BHT205.TR

  • Compare different approaches to land rehabilitation, to determine strengths and weaknesses of alternative options on a site to be rehabilitated
  • Determine techniques to maximise plant development in land rehabilitation situations
  • Explain the different ways of producing seedling trees for land rehabilitation purposes
  • Determine appropriate plant establishment programs
  • Develop procedures to care for plants, during establishment in an hostile environment
  • Manage the rehabilitation of degraded soil
  • Explain the effect of plants on improving a degraded site, both physically and chemically

Price: £340
Qualification: Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 100 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£5) and Correspondence (+£35)
Enrolment Dates: Our courses are self-paced and you can start at anytime

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