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Landscaping Courses

Our Landscaping Courses will help you on your way to becoming a professional Landscape Designer.

Our landscaping courses are suitable for both professionals and amatuers alike. We offer courses that cover everything from “Landscape Construction” to “Natural Garden Design”. You’ll also have access to your own personal tutor who will help drive and guide you throughout your course.

Verb. Improve the aesthetic appearance of (a piece of land) by changing its contours, adding ornamental features and plantings.

A Selection of our Landscaping Courses

Online Courses in Horticulture offer a wide range of in-depth and professionally written landscaping courses for you to choose from.
As with all of our courses, you will receive unlimited tutor support from a professional within the landscaping industry to help and guide you throughout your studies. To view the full range of our landscaping courses, please click here.

Landscape Construction

Learn to build landscapes. This course develops your knowledge of how to construct or build a landscape – as distinct from designing a landscape. Learn to construct or build a garden the “right” way.

Landscaping I

Kick-start your career in Landscape Design or simply use the course to landscape your own garden and add value to your home. At the end of this 100 hour course you will be able to design a landscaped garden.

Landscaping II

Refine your landscaping skills. A natural progression from Landscaping I, but a self contained study unit in its own right, that concentrates on the detail of creating individual components in a landscape.

Landscaping III

Learn to apply the principles, design features and elements that make up many types and styles of gardens. This is an outstanding course for even experienced landscape designers.

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Unmatched Course Features

  • Unlimited Tutor Support
  • Self-Paced Study
  • No Assignment Deadlines
  • Up-to-date & Industry Relevant Course Material
  • Choose to Study Online by USB and even by Correspondence

Landscaping Courses to Help you…

  • Develop Skills in Graphical Techniques for Plan Drawing
  • Understand the Design Procedures and the Principles of Landscape Design
  • Develop Knowledge of Lawns and Surfaces Appropriate to Landscaping

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