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Developed by Professionals

When choosing a distance learning horticultural course you want to be assured that the quality of the course content is up-to-date, relevant to today’s industry trends and compatible as to where the jobs are.

Our horticultural courses have been developed by a team of industry experts led by the world renowned horticulturist of 40 years, John Mason (FPLA, FIOH, FAIH). John is a widely published horticultural Author and throughout his career in the Horticulture industry he has worked as a Consultant, Parks Director, Landscaper and Educator, and is a widely respected authority on Horticulture and education worldwide.

When you select a course you have the guarantee that the quality of the course content is up-to-date, specific to the course title, designed by industry experts (who are also active within the industry) and relevant to anyone in any part of the globe. Courses are updated on a regular basis so as to prevent you from receiving stale information. Having information that is current is as important as the course content, aims and what you will learn..

With Online Courses in Horticulture you can be assured that the qualification you receive will enhance your career, give you the knowledge and skills necessary to progress your career and to help you meet the standards that the industry requires.