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Why Distance Learning?

Distance learning allows you to mould your life around your course, not the other way round

In years gone by classroom education had some advantages over distance education; but that is no longer the case. Being taught in a classroom setting is so costly today. Corners often get cut and services suffer. Today’s technology has at the same time made services through distance education more accessible, affordable and bigger and better than ever; without increasing costs.

In the modern world, distance education often provides better opportunities than the classroom education, for interacting with tutors, and quickly accessing student support and information services. As part of our commitment to embrace the new technologies, we now offers a range of online courses which are highly interactive and feature self assessment quizzes, online videos and fast tutor access.

Another big advantage of distance learning, is the ability to work at your own pace. In a classroom based environment, the pace of teaching may be suitable for some students, but can’t by the very nature of the way lessons are delivered, cater for those who want or need to work at a faster or slower pace. Distance learning enables you to choose the pace that you are comfortable with. There are no deadlines for when assignments have to be submitted and there is no date, by which your course has to be completed with us.

Advantages of Distance Learning in Horticulture

In traditional classroom situations study is mostly theoretically based with little emphasis placed on the practical aspect of the subject. Distance learning for Horticulture is highly effective as Horticulture is a very hands on discipline.

Studying from home enables you to read through the current lesson which you are studying and then allowing you to work through the practical application required of your chosen course in the ideal environment.

Self paced distance learning gives you the flexibility to start your selected course in the season of horticulture that will be applicable for your chosen subject strengthening your skills in Horticultural practice.