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Course Title: Advanced Certificate In Alternative Farming VSS003

Advanced Certificate In Alternative Farming VSS003

Horticulture Course
Price:£1360 Qualification: Advanced Certificate

Sustainable farming methods – the way of the future. Agriculture has seen massive changes in most developed countries over recent decades due to changes in global economics, technology and environmental conscerns. This course provides a foundation for dealing with those changes, whether on your own farm, or in a broader sense. It allows you to develop skills and knowledge in alternative farming methods using materials which have a minimal impact on the environment. The compulsory modules cover sustainable methods of agriculture and organic farming (livestock, pasture, pest and disease management, soil management and crop nutrition). The elective modules cover a broad range of topics specific to alternative farming including: aquaculture, plant and animal breeding, nut, herb and flower production, hydroponics, and viticulture.

Course Structure for Advanced Certificate In Alternative Farming VSS003

Core Modules

  • Sustainable Agriculture BAG215
  • Organic Farming BAG305

Electives Modules (Choose 2)

  • Aquaculture BAG211
  • Poultry BAG208
  • Animal Breeding BAG301
  • Plant Breeding BHT236
  • Viticulture BHT220
  • Nut Production BHT219
  • Herb Culture BHT114
  • Cut Flower Production BHT221
  • Trees For Rehabilitation BHT205
  • Hydroponics I (BHT224)
  • Hydroponic Management (Hydroponics II) BHT213
  • Agricultural Marketing BAG304

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Qualification: Advanced Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 400 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£20) and Correspondence (+£140)
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