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Course Title: Horticultural Research I BHT118

Horticultural Research I BHT118

Horticulture Course
Price:£340 Qualification: Certificate

Conduct your own horticultural research! Develop the skills and knowledge needed to plan, conduct and report on research in social, technological and environmental issues that impact on Horticulture today. This course has been developed by professionals in both Australia and the UK, with the aim of being relevant throughout the world. This is a module in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Master of Horticulture.

Course Structure for Horticultural Research I BHT118

  • Determining Research Needs
  • Searching for Information
  • Research Methods
  • Using Statistics
  • Conducting Statistical Research
  • Research Reports
  • Reporting on a Research Project

Aims for Horticultural Research I BHT118

  • Conduct preliminary investigations to determine areas where there is a valid need for research in social, technological and environmental issues that impact on horticulture today
  • Conduct an information search into a defined issue related to social, technological and environmental issues that impact on Horticulture today
  • Explain research methods, including experimental techniques, commonly used
  • Demonstrate and explain the basic statistical methods used for research
  • Conduct a minor statistical research project into a well defined area, relevant to your area of study
  • Prepare a research report in a format which conforms to normal industry procedures
  • Demonstrate critical analytical thinking, reviewing skills and report writing skills

Price: £340
Qualification: Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 100 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£5) and Correspondence (+£35)
Enrolment Dates: Our courses are self-paced and you can start at anytime

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