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Course Title: Wholesale Nursery Management BHT212

Wholesale Nursery Management BHT212

Horticulture Course
Price:£340 Qualification: Certificate
Wholesale Nursery Management BHT212

Learn to produce great plants in a commercially successful way. Managing a production nursery involves more than just propagating and potting up plants. Even the small nursery must be able to not only produce plants, but do it at a pre determined cost, then sustain those plants before and during marketing. The nursery industry currently has a real need for people with skills and knowledge in managing production in plant nurseries! This course provides a solid grounding for developing those skills.

Course Structure for Wholesale Nursery Management BHT212


There are 8 lessons:

1  Nursery Site Organisation

  • Nature and Scope of Wholesale Nurseries
  • Specialist Nurseries
  • Location and Site Selection Characteristics;market proximity, land cost, climate, isolation, air quality, water etc
  • What to Grow
  • Determining Marketable varieties
  • Site Surveying

2  Management

  • Starting as a Nursery Producer
  • The Mission Statement
  • Controlling Quality
  • Revamping an Existing Nursery
  • Nursery Standards; Cost Efficiency, Quality standards, Size
  • Business Planning
  • Quantity
  • Case Study
  • Production Systems
  • Flow Chart for Growing a Nursery Crop
  • Production Methods
  • Cutting Production Efficiencies
  • Work Scheduling
  • Type and Number of Employees
  • Human Resource Management

3  Nutrition and Pest Management

  • Overview of Nursery Pests and Diseases
  • Identifying Problems
  • Disease and pest management
  • Nursery Hygiene
  • Resistant Plants
  • Controlling Problems through Cultural Practices
  • Physical Control of Problems
  • Biological Control
  • Chemical Control
  • Minimising Chemical Use
  • Conducting Inspections within the Nursery
  • Nutrient Management
  • Fertiliser use and plant nutrition.

4  Growing media

  • Growing Media for Container and Field Grown Plants
  • Understanding soils
  • Soil Testing
  • Improving Soils
  • Potting Mixes and soil-free mixes
  • Components of Potting Media
  • Selecting Potting Media
  • Problems with Potting Media
  • Propagation Media
  • Sanitation
  • Sterilisation techniques.

5  Irrigation

  • Water Supply
  • Town Water
  • Water Courses and Groundwater
  • Rainwater
  • Water Quality
  • Water Treatment
  • Recycling Water
  • Irrigation Systems; overhead sprinkler, drip, etc
  • Pulse Watering, Demand Watering, Precision etc
  • Pumps
  • Scheduling Irrigation
  • Irrigation System Maintenance
  • Use of liquid fertilisers through irrigation.

6  Modifying Plant Growth

  • Plant Uniformity
  • Holding Stock
  • Making Stems Sturdier
  • Making Plants Taller
  • Developing a Compact Root System
  • Creating a denser, bushier Plant
  • Improving Foliage Colour
  • Encouraging Flowering
  • Flower forcing out of Season
  • Using Light to Modify Plant Growth
  • Greenhouses and other protective plant structures.

7  Marketing Strategies

  • Overview of Nursery Marketing
  • Nursery Products
  • Marketing Mix
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Budget
  • Marketing Plan.

8  Selection of Nursery Crops

  • Considering Options
  • Choosing a Plant Variety to Market
  • Developing a stock list
  • Criteria for Selecting Plants
  • Quarantine Concerns
  • Clearing Surplus Stocks
  • Nursery Industry Trends
  • Surveying Customers
  • Terminology

Lesson Aims

  • Describe how site characteristics influence the establishment and management of wholesale nurseries
  • Explain management structures and work scheduling in wholesale nurseries
  • Describe the management of pests and diseases and plant nutrition in production nurseries
  • Explain the physical and chemical properties of growing media used in production nurseries
  • Describe the techniques and equipment used to irrigate plants in nurseries
  • Explain techniques used to modify and influence the growth of plants in production nurseries
  • Describe strategies used by production nurseries to increase sales

Price: £340
Qualification: Certificate
Estimated Course Duration: 100 hours
Available Learning Methods: Online, USB (+£5) and Correspondence (+£35)
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