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Nursery & Propagation Courses

Courses in Nursery & Propagation: A Nursery may be a wholesale nursery that sells only to businesses, or a retail nursery that sells to the general public. Propagation of plants is very important both to forestry conservation and also agriculture. Being a good nurseryman involves effective management of the highly seasonal stock, in order to minimise financial losses to your business. A good range of courses are on offer, from Retail Nursery Management, Nursery Sales Assistant to Propagation
Horticulture Course
Price:£340 Qualification: Certificate

Learn to produce great plants in a commercially successful way. Managing a production nursery involves more than just propagating and potting up plants. Even the small nursery must be able to not only produce plants, but do it at a pre determined cost, then sustain those plants before and during marketing. The nursery industry currently […]

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